Jones Family of Naples Florida -- Genealogy


                                                         Census Records


1850 Gilmer County, Ga. census ( now Pickens County) Lists:
6650-1127 Mary J. Jones, age 35, H H, B. TN
        1127 Charles A. Jones, age 5, son, b. TN.
        1127 Caleb Jones, age 2, son b. TN
       (Note: Boys were probably actually born in Ga. )


1860 Pickens County, Ga. Census ( Grassy Knob District) Lists:
  Mary J. Jones, age 38? B. TN  Domestic
  Charles A. Jones, age 13, son, b. Ga.
  Caleb Jones, age 10, son, b. Ga.

1840 Gilmer county, Ga. Census Lists: Stephen Griffeth ( No Township listed).

1850 Gilmer County, Ga. Census Lists: Stephen Griffeth- # 33 subdivision

1860 Pickens county, Ga. Lists: Stephen Griffeth - Sharp Mountain District.


1870 Pickens County, Ga.Census  Lists:
            Stephen Griffeth, age 69, b. Ga.
            Stephen Cantrell, age 14, b. Ga
            Licenia  Mayfield, age 12, b.Ga.
            Caleb Jones, age 22, b. Ga.
            Lina Griffeth, age 40, , b. Ga.
            Amanda Griffeth, age 22, b. Ga.


1880 Pickens County, Ga. Census Lists:
         Caleb Jones, M. single, W. age 31, b. Ga. Farmer-
         Father, b. NC or Ga.(?)  Mother b. TN
      (Living and working for family of William H. Simmons, Lawyer.)

1870 Pickens county, Ga. census Lists: 
        Image Jasper Township
 980- Hester Ann Jones, age 22, keeping house.
        Lillie Jones, age 2 daughter, b. Ga.
         Jacob, J, age 1 son, B. Ga.

1880 Pickens County, Ga. Census ( Truckwheel District) Lists:
  (Note:This is parents of Hester Ann Prather & grandparents of James Jacob S. Jones)  source- Pickens Co. Library, Jasper, Ga.
   44-44-Prather,James M. age 69
                         Parthenia, age 62 wife
                         Martha, age 38, daughter
                         Caroline, age 30, daughter
                         Eunace C, age 29 daughter
                         James M. age 22, son
               Jones,Parthenia L, age 12, grandaughter, b. Ga.
               Jones, James J. age 10, grandson, b. Ga.

1900 Pickens County, Ga. District 13, Jasper, Lists:
     53-54- Jacob S. Jones, head,  July 1869 ,age 30, b. Ga. laborer
               Mary ( L?) Wife, May 1872, age 28, NC


 1910 Pickens county, Ga. Cesus , Militia Dist.899 , Dug Road
    Source- Pickens Co. Library, Jasper, Ga.
   122-125 Jones, Jake- Head, M.W.M age 40  Ga. Ga. Ga. English
                                   Laborer, Marble Miner
                           Mary, Wife, F.W.38(?) Ga. NC,TN, English
                           Steve, son, M.W.9, Ga,Ga,Ga,
                           Ethel, Daughter, F.W. 9, Ga.Ga.Ga.
                           Cale, son, M.W. 8, Ga.Ga.Ga.
                           Jesse, son, M.W. 5, Ga.Ga.Ga.

1920 Alabama Census, Cherokee County, Colona, District 26, Precinct 7 Lists:
Source- Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library. The Alabama Room
     102-104. Jones, Jake S  head, age 50, b.Ga.
                             Mary, wife, age 47, b.NC
                             Stephen, son, age 19, b.Ga single
                             Ethel, daughter, age 19, b.Ga. single
                             Cale, son, age 17, b Ga. single
                             Jessie, son, age 14,b. Ga. single


1930 Collier County, FL. Census, Naples . Lists:
    Jones, Jake S.-Head, age 60, Ga. Ga.Ga. Messanger for Telegraph 
    Mary S.-Wife, age 57, NC.NC. TN
     Jessie F., Son. age 24, Ga.Ga.NC, Mechanic for Ice Plant.

1930 Collier County, FL. Census- Naples. Lists:
    Jones, Cale H- Head, age 28, b.Ga. Marshall for Town of Naples.
               Alice B(?), wife, age 20, b. Mississippi
               Cale H. JR, son, 1 6/12  (?) b.FL


1945 Florida State census - Naples, Collier Count - precinct 6

Cale H, Jones, age 42,b.Ga. occupation Police

Alice L. Jones, age 27,b.Miss. housewife

Edward C. Jones, age 10,b.Fl. in school

Mary L. Jones, age 68, b.NC, ( this was Cale's mother, Mary (Stepp) Jones )

Vilare Lowery, age 22, b. Miss. ( this was Alice's sister, )



1945 Florida State census - Naples, Collier County, Precinct 6

1945 florida state census. This is Cale Jones Jr. He lied about his age to get into the army. This would make him born in 1921, much older than he actually was. This was on the army base in Naples.The army later moved out and left the berracks empty. It was an airport also, and later became the Naples Airport that is still in use today.

H.C. Jones, age 21, born FL. male, white,  U.S. ARMY