Jones Family of Naples Florida -- Genealogy

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Militery record for Armon Morgan

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 Record
Armon E Morgan
Name: Armon E Morgan
Birth Year: 1918
Race: White, citizen
Nativity State or Country: Florida
State: Florida
County or City: St Lucie
Enlistment Date: 20 Feb 1941
Enlistment State: Florida
Enlistment City: Camp Blanding
Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Grade Code: Private
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: 2 years of high school
Civil Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 66
Weight: 144


 Newspaper story -

From the Register - Guard, - Eugene, Ore.

Tues. Feb.9,1954 - pg.9 A


" It's A Pleasure To Be Arrested In Naples"

 Naples, Fla.--

   Many towns have been accused of operating "speed traps" to glean dollars from out-of-state motorists, but this city, where officials tend to practical jokes, is operating a speed trap in reverse. Once a week, Chief of Police Cale Jones "arrests" an out-of-state motorist - not for any offense, but simply because he is from out-of-state. Jones hauls the innocent driver before Mayor W.Roy Smith for "questioning."

  At this point the bewildered, and probably sputtering, motorist is let in on the joke. Mayor Smith hands him a key to the City of Naples.- including one night's free lodging for the driver and his party, free meals for a day, free theater tickets, and a tour of the city.  It's Naples way of selecting a tourist of the week to help publicize it's charms. 

                                       Prather Family Line

 Hester A.T. Prather was born April 9,1848 in Cherokee Co, Ga 
Died: abt. Feb.1885 in Chatooga Co, Ga.
She was the daughter of James Madison Prather and
Parthenia ( Poole) Prather of Pickens County, Georgia.
Hester A.T. Prather married 1. Charles ( A.) Allison Jones 
Dec.16,1866 in Pickens Co, Ga- Source, Pickens County marriage records)
Marriage:2. Benjamin Franklin Dorsey
Children of Hester A.T. Prather and Charles (A.) Allison Jones are:
1.Lillie Parthenia Jones
   Born: Dec.27,1867 in Pickens County, Ga,
   Died: Feb.14,1925 Floyd County, Ga. ( death cert.# 4109-G)
   Married: James W. Padgett 
 James Jacob Stephen.Jones
    Born:.July 2,1869 Pickens co, Ga.
    Died: Feb.4,1938 in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
    Married: Mary Catherine Stepp
    Born: N.C. or Ga.
    Died: !948 in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL
    Children of Hester A.T.Prather and Benjamin Franklin Dorsey are:
    1.John Logan Dorsey
       Born:Feb.10,1875 in Chatooga, ga.
       Died: Sept.9,1942 Callahan Co, Texas
       Married: Ethel E. Worthy on July 8,1986 in Wise Co, Texas
     2.Jasper Douglas Dorsey
       Born: Dec.26,1876 Ga.
     3.Charles Franklin Dorsey
        Born: Feb.12,1878 Ga.
James Madison Prather, born Sept.30,1810 in Ga. was the
son of Edward James Prather( Prater?) and Mary Jane ( Jenkins) Prather.
Died: May 25,1896 in Jasper, Pickens County, Ga.
Buried: Salem Baptist Cem. Pickens Co, Ga.
Married: Parthenia Poole on Oct.6,1836 in Murray Co, Ga.
Born: 1817 South Carolina.
Died:  ?  
Buried: Refuge Baptist Cemetery East. Pickens Co, Ga.
1.Martha G.Prather, born 1839
2.Mary E. Prather, born 1841
   Married: 1.Marian Johnson
   Married:2.Jim Graham
3.Caroline Prather, born Feb.17, 1845 ( Twin)
4.Warren Web Prather, born Feb.17,1845 ( Twin)
   Died: July 20,1912 in Marble Hill, Ga.
   Married: Edna Sofford on July 25,1867 in Pickens Co, Ga.
5.Hester A.T. Prather, born April 9, 1848 Ga. 
   Married:1. Charles Allison Jones on Dec.16,1866 in Pickens Co, Ga.
   Married: 2.Benjamin F. Dorsey
6 Gideon Robert Prather, born Sept.14,1851 in Jasper,, Ga.( Twin)
   Died: April 5, 1925 
   Married: Nancy Evans on  ?
   Born: Oct.1861
   At least one child:
          1.Edward Prather, born Feb.1,1890
             Married: Amanda Roberta Ray                                                
7.Eunace C.Prather, born Sept 14,1851  in Jasper,, Ga.( Twin) 
8.James W. Prather, born 1859 Ga. ( Twin)
9.Canzaine Prather, born 1859 Ga. ( Twin)
Edward James Prather, born 1766 / 1769 in Rowan County, N.C.
Died: after 1829 in Lincoln Co, Ky.
Father: John Hunt Prather 
Mother: Eleanor Turner
Married: Mary Jane Jenkins on  ?
daughter of Richard Jenkins and Catherine ? )
1.Gideon Prather
   Born; 1790 / 1794 in Hardin co, Ky.
   Died: Sept.15,1856 in Pulaski Co, Ky.
   Married: Elizabeth Williams on Jan 22, 1814 in Pulaski Co, Ky.
2.Edward Prather
   Born: Aug.3,1795 in Rowan Co, Ky.
   Died: Aug.26,1881 in Green Co,IL.
   Married:Ann Marie Harrison on Oct.29,1819in Pulaski Co, Ky.
3.James Madison Prather
   Born:Sept.30,1810 in Ky. ( or Ga.?)
   Died: May 25,1896 in Jasper, Pickens co, Ga.
   Married: Parthenia Poole on Oct.6,1836 in Murray Co, Ga.
   Born: S.C. ?
John Hunt Prather
Born: 1735 in Prince George's County, Md.
Died: 1814 in Madison County, Ky.
Father: Philomen Gittens Prater 
Mother: Catherine hunt
Married: Eleanor Turner
1.Thomas Prather
   Born: 1760 in hopkins Co, Ky.
   Died:1839 in Hopkins Co, Ky.
   Married:1.Anna Ashby on March 6,1787
   Married::2.Jemima ? on july 4,1823
   Married: 3.Phebe ? in 1834
2.Sarah " Sally" Prather
   Born: abt.1760
   Died:1836 in howard Co, Mo.
   Married:James Stagner on Aug.27,1783 in Rowan Co, Ky.
3.John Prather
   Born: 1762
   Died:abt. 1847
   Married:.Margaret Dover
4.Edward James Prather
   Born:1766 / 1769 Rowan co, Ky.
   Died: sometime after 1829 in Lincoln Co, Ky.
   Married:1.Mary Dennis
   Married: 2.Mary Jane Jenkins on Dec.19,1789 in Madison Co, Ky.
   Married: 3. Priscilla Prather on ?  daughter of William Ray Prather 
   and Unity Garrett.
   Born: Sept.9,1831
   Died ?
5.James B.Prather
   Born: 1773 in Pulaski Co, Ky.
   Died:1848 in Madison co, Ky.
   Married: Hannah Freeman on Nov. 29, 1792 in Madison Co, Ky.
6 Phillip John Prather
   Married: Sarah Stagner on  ?



                                                Prather Census Records


Prather Source & Census List

1 Pickens county, Ga. Public Library in Jasper, Ga.
2. Pickens County, Ga census records years 1850-1860-1870-1880
3. Copy marriage certificate for Hester A.T. Prather and Charles A. Jones dated 1866 Pickens County, Ga. vital records.
4.Pickens County, Ga. Marriage records 1853-1965
5. Gary Benton Prather , Texas, Prather decendant.
6.Randy Jones- Prather family info. 
    Email Randy at

7. 1880 Pickens county, Ga, census  - Truckwheel District lists:
    James M. PRATHER, age 69, b. abt.1811b. Ky
    Parthenia _______age 62, wife
    Martha  ________38, daughter
    Caroline_________30, daughter
    Eunace C________29, daughter. 
    James M._________22, son
    Parthenia L.JONES, age 12, b.Ga. Grandaughter
    James J. JONES, age 10, b. Ga. Grandson

8.1850 Cherokee County, Ga. census-- Division 15
   James M. PRATHER, age 39, b.abt.1811 Ky - Carpenter
   Parthenia _________age 32, b.SC
   Edward___________13, b. Ga son
   Martha____________11, daughter
   Mary______________ 9, daughter
   Caroline____________, 7 daughter
   Warren____________ 5, son
   Hester Ann__________3. daughter
   Gidion______________1, son
   Eunace C____________1, daughter 

9. 1870 Census- Jasper, Pickens County, Ga.
   James M.PRATHER, age 60, b.Ky.white male- Blacksmith
   Parthenia__________age 55, keeps house, b. SC
   Edward____________age 31(?) school teacher, b. Ga
   Martha____________ age 29, at home, b.Ga
   Caroline___________age 23. at home, b. Ga
   Gidion ____________age 20, b.Ga, employed in Marble Works
   Eunace C___________age 20, b.Ga at home
   James______________age 14, b. Ga.attending school

10. 1870 Census- Jasper, Pickens County, Ga.
    Hester, Ann JONES , age 22 b.Ga, keeps house.
    Lillie Parthenia ______. age 2, b. Ga. daughter
    Jacob J. ___________ age 12, b.Ga, son

11. 1870 Census, Jasper, Pickens Co, Ga.
    Warren PRATHER, age 23, b. Ga, Farm Laborer
    Sealy M (?) ________20, keeps house, b.Ga.
    Ida  _______________ 6 / m. b.Ga.

12. 1900 Census, Pickens County, Ga. - Sharp Mountain
    James M. PRATHER, age 41, b.abt.Sept.1858/59 Ga.- White, head
    Mary E(?)_________ wife, b.June 1861
    John D.___________ 17, b.Aug. 1883 Ga. Son
    Hinesia(?) _________, age 12,b. Dec.1887 Ga. daughter
    Caroline __________ age 55,b.Oct.1844 Ga, ( Sister)
    Parthenia __________ age 83, b.Feb.1817 ( mother)

13. 1900 Census, Pickens Co, Ga.
    Gidion PRATHER, head, b. Sept. 1820, age 49(?)
    Nancy A________, wife, b. Oct. 1861(?), 38
    Martha C________. daughter, b. 1883(?) age 17
    Mary C._________ daughter, b.Sept.1884,(?) age 14
    James H.________- son, b.Sept.1888 . age 11
    Edward__________, son, b.Feb1891 , age 9
    Hester A._________daughter, b.Sept.1892. age 6
    Katie_____________daughter, b.Sept.1896, age3
    Lula M ___________ daughter, b.Oct.1899, age 1




     The Jones / Griffith Connection - Duplicate copy

1.Stephen Griffeth, born Nov.20, 1801 Franklin Co, Ga. Mt Airy
died: Nov.11,1873 in Pickens Co, Ga. bur.old Tate Cemetery -
Tate &   Griffeth section,. in Tate, Pickens Co, Ga.
He was the son of Caleb Griffeth & Julia Little.)
Companion: Mary J Jones , born approx.1815 in TN. or Ga. (?)
(Sources.1850,1860-PickensCo,census./ info from Stephen Griffeth relative).
Children of Stephen Griffeth & Mary J. Jones
1.Charles Allison Jones, b.abt.1845 probably Gilmer County, Ga.
   source, 1850 Gilmer Co Census. This area now part of Pickens Co, Ga. - Died:
   Married Hester A.T Prather in Pickens county, Ga. on Dec16,1866. 
2.Caleb Jones, born Feb 2,1849 Gilmer or Pickens Co, Ga,-
   Died: May 19, 1885 in Pickens Co, Ga.
   Buried: Old Tate Cemetery, Tate & Griffeth section, Pickens co, Ga.-
   Sources: Griffeth relative - census and more.
   Added  Notes: Stephen Griffeth also had children with
   1st companion Phoebe Chitwood.from 1825 thru 1841)- 
   Stephen's son Caleb Jones is buried in the Tate Cemetery,
   Tate - Griffeth Section, as is Stephen Griffeth. 
2.Caleb Griffeth, born Dec.30,1769 Worchester, Ma.- Died: April 10, 1857 Pickens co, Ga.
Married Julia Little. b Sept.23 or Sept.28 , 1775 Mt Airy, Franklin co, Ga. - Died: Aug. 21, 1862 in Pickens co, Ga.
Marriage date: 1798 Mt. Airy, Franklin co, Ga.
1.Sarah Griffeth, b.June 7,1799 Franklin County, Ga.- d.Sept.24.1836 Hall, Ga. - Buried Hall County, Ga.
   Married: Paul M. Furr
2.Stephen Griffeth, Born Nov 20, 1801 in Franklin Co, Ga. - Died: Nov.11,1873 in Pickens Co, Ga.
   Bur: old Tate Cemetery, Tate & Griffeth section. Tate, Pickens Co,Ga.
   Companions - Common Law: #1 Phoebe Chitwood -  #2.
Mary J.Jones - #3. Lina Griffeth
3.Thomas Jefferson Griffeth,b.1802 - died.
   Married Rebecca Crumley in 1832 Hall County, Ga.
4.Mary Griffeth,b. Mar.20,1804 Franklin Co, Ga.(or Habersham co    Died: June 16,1896 in Pickens co, Ga.
   Married: Samuel Tate, born May 25,1797, Morgantown, Burk Co, N.C.- Died: Sept.20,1866 in Pickens co, Ga.
   Marriage Date: March 26, 1822 Habersham Co, Ga.- Parents: John Iredell Tate & Anne Shields Oliphant

5.Caleb Griffeth, born Nov 20,1806 in Franklin Co, Ga.- Died: April 26, 1868 in Pickens co, Ga.
   Married: Mary Vaughn - Marriage Date: March18, 1835 in Habersham Co, Ga.
   Both buried in Tate Cem - Tate - Griffeth section.
6.Cynthia Griffeth, b.1808 - died 1881
   Married: Enoch Swaim, Hall County, Ga.(lived Union County, Ga.)
7.Benjamin Franklin Griffeth, b.1809 - died after 1870 in Madison County, Alabama.
   Married: Sarah McIntyre in Habersham County, Ga.

                            Jones Family Line
    Beginning with Mary J. Jones of Pickens County, Ga.
1 Charles Allison Jones, born approx.1845 in Ga.Gilmer County area
( This area later became part of  Pickens,County, Ga.)
  (He was the son of Stephen Griffith & Mary J.Jones )
Charles had one brother Caleb Jones. Both boys took the mother's maiden name of Jones.
Hester A. T. Prather
, B.April 9, 1848 Ga--d. Feb 1885 Chatooga, Ga
   Marriage Date: Dec. 16, 1866 in Pickens County, Ga.
   Source: Pickens county Georgia marriage records.
   Hester was the daughter of James Madison  Prather & Parthenia (Poole) Prather
   of Cherokee and Pickens Counties, Ga. ( Source: census records)
   Children of Charles A. Jones & Hester A.Prather
        1. Lillie Parthenia Jones, b. Dec.27,1867 Pickens Co, Ga.
            Died: Feb.14,1925 Floyd Co,Ga. Death Cert.#4109-G
            Married: James W. Padgett, b.abt 1862- D. Oct.29,1951 Floyd Co, Ga.
            at 89 yrs.of age. Death Cert.# 30620-
Descendants of James W.Padgett
James Jacob Stephen Jones, b July 2, 1869 Pickens County, Ga.
            Died: Feb.4, 1938 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
James Jacob Stephen Jones "Jake", Born July 2, 1869 in Pickens County, Ga.
    Died: Feb. 4,1938 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.Fort Myers Hospital-Census Records
    ( He was the  son of Charles Allison Jones & Hester A.T. Prather)
Mary Catherine ( Stepp)
, Born Approx. 1872 in Ga. or N.C.
     Died: 1948 Naples, Collier Co, Fl.-buried: Fort Myers, Cem.Lee Co, Fl..
    Marriage date: 1899 Pickens County, Ga.   
     Children of James J.S.Jones & Mary Stepp
             1.Ernst Jones, Born ? , died an infant
             2,Stephen Allison Jones, born June 9, 1900 ( Twin) Pickens Co, Ga,
                Died: Dec 1978 in Naples, FL.-buried Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL..
                Married Beatrice  Bickford, b. May 31,1911, d. Sept.12,1986 Naples,
                Collier Co, Fl. - buried Naples Memorial Gardens., Naples, FL.
                Marriiage Date:1930 Lee County,FL.
                Beatrice was the daughter of Ira Samuel Bickford and Grace (Myers) Bickford.
                Children of Stephen Jones and Beatrice Bickford:
                               1.Irie Allene Jones, b.abt.1931 Florida
                                  Married 1.Virgil McFry in 1947 Lee County, FL.- divorced 1964
                                  Married 2,John Wesley Boutwell Jr. in May 1964 Collier County.
                                  Married 3.George Milton Mazuco on April 21, 1979
                               2.Ernie Barbara Jones, b. abt. 1933 Florida
                                  Married 1.Joseph Paul Ray in 1953 Collier County, FL.
                                  Married 2. Armon Morgan Jr. on March 1967 Collier County, FL.
                                  Armon was born Nov.3,1918 - died Nov.20,2004 Naples, Collier, FL.
                               3.Melba Regina Jones, b.abt.1935 Florida
                                  Married 1.Harmon Cole Chandler Jr. in 1952 Collier County, FL.
                                  Married 2, Charles Foster Ammons on Sept.9,1983 Collier County, FL.
                               4.Stephen Allison Jones Jr., b.Jan.14,1938 Florida.
                                  Married: Joan (maiden name unknown.)
             3.Ethel B. Jones, born June 9, 1900 ( Twin) Pickens Co, Ga.
                Died: March 16,1977 Grant, Marshall, Alabam- bur:Jacksonville, Al.
                Married: William Frank Roland, b March 12, 1900- d. Oct.26,1963
                Marriage date: Dec.23,1921 Centre, Cherokee Co, Al.
                Frank was the son of Thomas Roland and Nettie Reddy.
                He was b.March12,1900 Centre, Al. - d.Oct.26,1963 Al.
                Frank and Ethel are both buried in Jacksonville, Al.
                Children of Frank Roland and Ethel Jones:
                               1.Leatha Hortense "Ruth" Roland, b.May 9,1923
                                  Jacksonville, Al. - d.Dec.29,2007 Huntsville, Madison Co, AL.
                                  Married: Howard C. Morgan on June 3,1941 Piedmont, AL.
                                  Howard was b.Nov.7,1921 Piedmont, AL.
                                  d.Jan.20,1980 in Jacksonville, AL.
                                  He was the son of Thomas J.Morgan and Pearl E.Morgan
                                  Children of Leatha "Ruth" Roland and Howard Morgan are:
                                             1.Joyce Marie Morgan,b.April 24,1942 Jacksonville, AL
                                               Married Charles R. Griswald 
                                             2.Charles Howard Morgan,b.Jan 6,1947 Jacksonville, AL.
                               2 Helen Ladora Roland, b.Oct.28,1924 Centre, AL. - d.(?)
                                 buried: Marshall Memorial Gardens, Albertville, Calhoun County, AL.
                                 Married Morris W.Williamon on April 16,1945 in Anniston, AL.
                                 Anniston Baptist Church, Rev.L.N.Claxton officiating.
                                 Morris was b.June 12,1916 White Plains, AL.- 
                                 d.Jan.8,1983 Albertville, AL.
                                 He was the son of John Williamon and Mae Hyatt.
                                 Children of Helen Roland and Morris Williamon are:
                                            1.Morris Walter Williamon Jr.,b.Oct.14,1946 Anniston, AL.
                                            2.Phyllis Maurine Williamon,b.Feb.1,1948 Anniston, AL.
                              3.Jack Thomas Roland, b.March 14,1929 Naples, Collier County, FL
                                d.Oct.19,2002 in Panama City, FL. - buried Panama City, FL.
                                Married 1.Barbara Jean Medley Sept.1958 Collier County, FL.
                                Married 2.Elizabeth Rockwell  Aug.1961 Collier County, FL.- divorced 1964
                                Children of Jack Roland and Elizabeth Rockwell:
                                            1.Paul David Roland, b.Naples, FL. (Living)
                              4.William Douglas Roland,b.July 21,1938 Naples, Collier, FL.
                                d.Aug.9,2006 Alexandria, Calhoun, AL.
                                Occupation: Worked for City Of Naples - retired
                                Married:1st.. Mertice Meed - divorced
                                Children of William Roland and Mertice Meed:
                                            1.William Angloe Roland,b.Jan.7,1958 Naples,,Collier, FL.
                                Married 2nd: Mildred Crump Dec.1960 Collier County, FL. - divorced
                                Children of William Roland and Mildred Crump:
                                            1.Brenda Kay Roland,b.Dec.20,1964 Naples,Collier County, FL.
           4.Cale Howard Jones Sr b.1902 Pickens Co, Ga.- 
               d Aug.2,1966 in Naples,Collier Co, Fl.. 
               Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Collier County, FL.
               Occupation: Chief of Police- retired
               Married : Alice Louise Lowery , born March 1911 in Jackson, Ms.
               Alice died: Jan. 11, 1975 in Naples, Collier County, Fl.
               buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Collier Co, FL.
              (Note:: buried under 2nd husband's name Kimbrell.)
               Marriage date: Dec.25,1927 Christmas Day in Biloxi, Ms.
               Children of Cale H. Jones & Alice (Lowery) Jones
Jones Jr. - aka Howard Cale Jones 
born Oct.6,1926 in Naples, Collier County, Fl. 
                                died: Nov.25,2005 in Pearl, Ms. ( copy death cert.)
                                buried: Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Pearl, Ms.
: Delayed Obit Naples Daily News on 1/7/2006
                                Married 1.Ruby Lee
in 1947 in Florida - divorced 1949
                                Ruby was born.Jan.8,1929 FL-
Addison Family

                                Ruby died: April 30, 2010 Glades County, FL.(Last name  Collins)
                                She was the daughter of George and Lessie Addison of Naples.
                                Children of Cale Jones Jr. and Ruby Lee Addison:
                                                1.Mary Catherine Jones b. FL
                                Married 2.Joyce Scanlin in Florida.
Scanlin Family
                                born;.May16,1927 Polk County, Fl
                                died:April 8, 2001 Polk County, Fl
                                buried: Homeland Cemetery in Polk county, FL.. 
                                Children of Cale Jones Jr. and Joyce Scanlin:
                                                1.Cale H.Jones 3rd..b.Fl
                                                2.Patricia Louis Jones, b.Fl
                                                3 John David Jones, b.Fl
                               Married 3.. Joy N Tippitt in Ms.
                               born:.Aug. 10,1932 Ms.
                               died.Sept.2,2001 Ms
                               buried :Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Pearl, Ms.

                             2.Charles Edward Jones -aka " Ed " ,
                               born Aug 14, 1935  Naples, Collier Co, FL.
                               died Oct 26,1988 in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
                               buried: Fort Myers Memorial Gardens, Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
                               Masonic Garden section
                               (inscription- Shriner; Investigator For Dept. of Agriculture- Forestry
                               Married:  Vivian Hurst )
                               Children:1.Lisa Jones
                                             2.Teresa Jones
                5.Jesse Floyd Jones. born May 10,1905 Pickens Co, Ga.
                  Died: Sept.9, 1968 in Naples, Collier Co, Fl.-
                  buried Naples Memorial Gardens,Naples, Fl
                  Marriage:Ethel Chesser Fuller , b.Nov.25, 1909
                  Died: Oct 4,1997 in Naples, Fl. buried: Naples Memorial Gardens,Naples, FL.
                  Marriage date May 10,1932 Lee County, FL.-Cert#7786 
                  Children of Jesse Jones and Ethel Fuller:
                             1 Jimmy Jones,b.Collier County, FL.
                             2,William Wayne Jones, b.abt.1945 Naples, Collier,County, FL.(Twin)
                               Married: Elaine Bazar
                               Children of William Wayne Jones and Elaine:
                                          1,Angela Shalom Jones, b.Oct.30,1973 Naples.
                                             d.Sept.23,2011 Naples, Collier County, FL.
                                          2,Aaron Jones,b.
                             3.David Duane Jones, b.abt.1945 Naples, Collier county, FL. (Twin)